Vic Scuderi (Pastor Bloom) - Married to Angie Scuderi (Sarah Bloom) in real life, Vic is right at home in his role as Richard Bloom.  He gives an engaging performance as a man who truly understands God's forgiveness and love... Vic serves as an Elder at Christ Chapel, the setting for the movie.

Chris Lythgoe (Pastor Sam Aames) - Chris is an experienced local talent that has worked on TV commercials, film, and local television.  He is also a voice over talent and owner/producer of Bluelight Services, LLC, a local talent and booking agency.  Chris gives a riveting performance as Pastor Sam Aames.  

The Main Cast....

Angie Scuderi (Sarah Bloom) - Angie has performed in many theatre ministry outreach productions over the years.  Her roles include "Mary-mother of Jesus", "Mary Magdalene" and "Martha"-friend to Jesus.   She has also been featured in five original stage plays.  Angie plays the role of the Pastor's wife, Sarah Bloom to perfection.

Ervin (Tony) Merritt  (Tom Mitchell) - Tony gives a wonderful performance as Tom Mitchell, the repressed business man whose life is turned upside down in the film "The Basement".  Tony has extensive theatre experience in ministry.  His stage roles have included, "King Herod", "Balthazar", the angel "Gabriel", "Satan", the disciple "James",  and "Judas".   Tony also had lead and principle roles in two original plays: "Scroggins", and "The Meeting Place".

Rhonda Oliver (Wanda) - Rhonda is a local singer/actor talent who has had principal roles in local and national theatre productions.  Her film work includes a feature film by local producer/director Roosevelt Jackson.  In "The Basement," Rhonda gives a great performance as the sassy Wanda Breedlove.

Christian Holmes (EJ) - Chris ministers in his church in the media department and was cast in the film with Patrick Vann from a church skit.  Chris gives a delightful performance as EJ, the fun-loving friend to Julian.


The Basement

Denisse Zapata (Sidney O'Connor) - When Denisse is not acting, she is using her talents as a professional Salsa dancer and makeup artist.  Denisse gives an engaging performance as Sean O'Connor's troubled wife Sidney.

Debra Ovall (Mara James) - An award-winning actress, Debra is a local talent who has been featured in TV commercials and has also done work in film and theatre.   She is  also a Christian singer and voice over talent. Debra gives a wonderful performance in the role Mara, a reporter who is driven by her passions and needs....

Tony Claiborne (Ray) - Tony is a US government recruiter by day, and actor by night.  He has also been in many theatre ministry outreach productions.   Some of his roles include "Judas" and "Head Roman Guard".  Tony gives a great performance as Ray, Mara's lovable news cameraman.

Michael Joiner (Det. Sean O'Connor)- Michael lived and worked in Los Angeles for several years where he privately coached with John Swanbeck (Kevn Spacey's acting coach); and studied with some of Hollywood's "A" list acting teachers who instilled in Michael a solid preparation and technique that have made Michael's performances impressively real.  Michael's credits include over 11 films, including the highly acclaimed; "The Grace Card" movie.  We asked Michael why he agreed to star in the film and he said:  "The reason I love "The Basement" and the role of Sean, is because it's written in a "gritty honest fashion."  "Sean is definitely a man in need of redemption."

Patrick Vann (Julian) - Patrick is an award-winning actor and  local rapper/lyricist.  He discovered his acting gift while ministering in a church skit.   Patrick brilliantly portrays Julian; a young man whose charisma and charm collide with his cynicism toward the world.